Rogz Blue Yumz Chew Toy

Yumz massages and gives treats! This new treat dispensing chew toy has GMT – Gum Massaging Technology. Made from TPR, the inside treat cavity has 3 fins to hold treats longer. It bounces and fetches as well!

Features & Benefits

  • Treat - Fill with treats and watch your dog have hours of fun!
  • Chew - Designed for dog's teeth and to build up strength in their jaws.
  • Gum Massaging - Maintaining healthy gumz while having fun chewing.
  • Bite-O-Meter - Hard

Why is yumz a great treat toy?

Designed with a large treat cavity for your dogs favourite treat. Yumz is easily filled with different types of treats to entertain your dog. Be creative with treats and recipes to keep your friend enticed and excited to enage. Mix dry and wet treats and watch your dog learn new skills to retrieve their treat.

Why does chewing the Yumz benefit my dogs jaw?

Designed with a jawgym feature. Insert larger treats inside to entice more interaction and chewing to keep your dog active and improve the strength of their jaw. Yumz will keep your dog engaged and prevent them from being destructive.

How does Yumz massage my dogs gums?

Designed with GMT (Gum Massaging Technology), the Yumz gently massages and cleans the gums. This is done through the use of textured surfaces and a flexible thermoplastic rubber.


  • Small Length 9cm x Width 5cm
  • Medium Length 12cm x Width 6cm
  • Large Length 15cm x Width 8cm 

Teaching your dog to play with Yumz

Rogz Yumz

Start getting your dog excited by filling Yumz with their favourite treat, letting them sniff the treat to encourage engagement. Show your furry friend the Yumz but don’t give it to them yet. Instead throw the toy in the air and catch it, teasing your dog. Once you realize your dog is excited, throw the toy and if your pet starts running after it, try and grab it before they do, then repeat the process to increase their excitement. Do this for a little bit then put the toy away. Repeat this activity a few times in the day, but every time slowly allowing your dog to get the toy.

Supervise play until you are confident your dog won’t destroy the toy. Inspect regularly and replace any damaged toys.

Try out some of these cool combinations

Summer Fun: Apples, Strawberries, Fresh Yoghurt, Honey and Mint (infuse your treat with mint to help with fresh breath)

Monkey Business: Oats, Banana, Peanut Butter, Honey and Fish Oil (infuse your treat with fish oil to help improve their coat)

Night Time Chow: Carrots, Peas, Mince Sweet Potato, Parsley (infuse your treat with parsley to help with a fresh breath)

Technical Data

  • Caution - Pets must be supervised when playing with any toy. Remove toy if damaged to avoid injury. This is a pet toy and not suitable for children.
  • Wash instructions - Surface clean only. Not machine washable.
  • Material - Yumz: TPR blend (TPR - Thermo Plastic Rubber: A durable rubber with high resistant to weathering, ageing and water)
  • Certification - CE - European Conformity: Products undergo stringent testing to achieve CE status. Ensuring your pets safety.
  • Origin - Designed in Cape Town, South Africa. Manufactured in China.

Rogz Yumz Technical data

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SKU YumzBlue
Barcode # YumzOrange
Brand Rogz
Colour Blue
Shipping Weight 0.1500kg
Shipping Width 0.090m
Shipping Height 0.060m
Shipping Length 0.210m
Unit Of Measure Each

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