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4Pooch Control Harness

The Mission Behind 4Pooch

For years, we’d hunted high and low for a dog
harness tailored for our dog’s safety, training
and comfort. Yet time and time again, when we
attached a lead to a front d-ring harness, sure
enough the straps would shift and twist. It not
only caused discomfort to our pup, but
interrupted any progress in our training too.

Then we realised... if this harness didn’t already
exist, why not create it ourselves? Why not
create our own signature style, and specifically
design our harness to prevent this twisting -
whilst ensuring it kept pups safe in the big wide

4Pooch Control Harness
4Pooch Control Harness

And so 4Pooch was born! Driven by our deep
love and dedication to the well-being and
enrichment of dogs across Australia, our
mission is to provide pet parents and Dog
Trainers with the tools they need to step out into
the world with confidence, comfort and style.

Now, our signature Control Harness and Multi-
Function Leads offer pet parents a unique and
innovative solution to their dog training and
walking needs.

Take a walk on the secure side with us today...

4Pooch Control Harness

The most comfortable, secure and stress-free harness

The 4Pooch Dog Control Harness is a H style harness, and is perfect for training
your dog to walk nicely on the lead or for everyday out and about use.

Who the 4Pooch Control Harness is Suitable For

  • Reactive dogs
  • Anxious dogs
  • Excitable dogs
  • Young and older dogs
  • Dogs in training
  • Dogs that pull
  • Road Walking
  • Trips to the park
  • Car travel

Does your dog hate having a harness dragged over their
head? Are you fed up with your dog’s harness twisting all
the time? Then the 4Pooch Control Harness is perfect for

This harness is fully adjustable and is designed so you can
put on and remove this harness without any stress or
discomfort for your dog.

The innovative 4Pooch connector lead also reduces the
twisting action that can happen with other frontconnecting harnesses

  • Very comfortable and doesn’t restrict movement of the dog’s shoulders
  • Reduces the risk of your dog pulling out of the harness

4Pooch Multi-Function Lead

The versatile and adaptable dog lead to suit your style

The 4Pooch Multi-Function Dog Lead can be used in a variety of ways for
ultimate customisation and control when out walking your canine companion.

Versatile, flexible and secure, this dog lead offers you and your dog even more
freedom and fun outside the home!

Benefits of the 4Pooch Multi-Functin Lead

  • Adjust to use as a short, long or double conection Lead
  • Easy of the shoulder or hands-free design options
  • Lightweight and perfect to pair with training harnesses
  • Made from tough nylon webbing, with reflective stitching for added safety at night

Available in three sizes and our signature 4Pooch colours

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