The 4Pooch control harness has been designed to keep your dog comfortable, happy and safe while out and about.


  • Fully adjustable straps for the best fit
  • 3 Points of lead attachment
  • Reflective stitching for visibility in all weather conditions.
  • Buckle neck strap for easy on/off motion for your dog.
  • Lightweight design for keeping your dog cool & comfortable
  • H-style straps to keep your dog more secure
  • Includes a connector lead to reduce twisting of the harness while training

4Pooch Harness The 4Pooch control harness is perfect for training your dog to walk nicely on the lead or for everyday out and about. The H style harness is very comfortable and doesn’t restrict movement of the dog’s shoulders. Using a H style harness also reduces the risk of your dog pulling out of the harness.

The harness is fully adjustable on the girth, neck and belly straps to give you the best fit for your dog. The neck strap has the bonus of a buckle on the neck strap for dog’s that don’t like a harness being dragged over their head.

The control harness features three d-ring attachments on the harness, two on the top strap and one on the front of the harness. The front connection is for attaching a lead to redirect the dog back to you when training. The two d-rings on the top strap give you options for connecting a regular lead at the back near the girth strap or on front near the neck strap.

The harness also comes with a connector lead to use with a standard or short lead. The connector lead features two snap hooks at each end with a floating ring to attach your standard lead too. By attaching the connector lead to the top front d-ring and the d-ring on the front of the harness this gives you excellent control when training your dog. It also helps reduce the twisting action that you can experience with other common front connecting harnesses. The connector lead can also be used to attach to an anchor point in your car when traveling with your dog.

Use of the connector lead is optional, you can also achieve the same action with the 4Pooch Multi-function lead by connecting the two ends of the multi-function lead to the front and top of the harness.

The harness and connector lead are made of strong webbing with a reflective stitching for safe walking at night or in inclement weather.

4Pooch harness using the connector lead with a standard lead

4Pooch Control Harness and Connector Lead

4Pooch harness using the 4Pooch multi-function Lead

4Pooch Control Harness and Multi-function Lead


How to select the correct size:How to measure your dog

We recommend measuring your dog for a reliable fit as all dogs are individuals.

With your dog standing, measure the Girth which is the widest area around the dog's ribcage. The 4Pooch harness neck strap is designed to sit just below the dog's collar. Measure around the dog's neck below the collar area, so this measurement should be larger than the dog's collar measurement.


  • A soft tape measure is recommended. But if you don’t have one, use a piece of sting and then measure the string with a ruler. 
  • When fitting the dog's harness, make sure the straps are adjusted evenly on both sides of the neck strap to keep the top strap and belly strap positioned centrally on the dog
Size Webbing Width Neck Strap Girth Strap Belly Strap
XSmall 1.6cm 28cm - 36cm 28cm - 45cm 13cm - 16cm
Small 1.6cm 34cm - 44cm 40cm - 60cm 14cm - 20cm
Medium 2cm 44cm - 58cm 46cm - 76cm 20cm - 30cm
Large 2.5cm 50cm - 64cm 53cm - 88cm 23cm - 33cm
XLarge 2.5cm 62cm - 86cm 64cm - 110cm 29cm - 43cm


Fitting the HarnessFitting the 4Pooch Control Harness

When fitting the harness adjust the neck strap so it is sitting just below where the collar would normally sit. Make sure that both sides of the neck straps are even when adjusting so the belly strap is centred between the dog’s legs and the top strap is centred on the dog’s back.

Adjust the girth strap so you can fit two fingers underneath for a firm but comfortable fit. Adjust the belly strap so the girth strap is sitting straight behind the dog’s elbows.

Note: Avoid leaving the connector lead on your dog when leaving your dog unattended or playing with other dogs in a park. Only use the connector lead when walking your dog. This will prevent the connector lead from getting caught on something and causing harm.

4Pooch specialises in dog harness & leads which designed to keep your dog comfortable, happy and safe while out and about. ...

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SKU 4PoochCHPur
Brand 4Pooch
Colour Purple
Features Front Attach Harness
Features Buckle Neck Strap
Features Reflective Stitching
Shipping Weight 0.1700kg
Shipping Width 0.050m
Shipping Height 0.050m
Shipping Length 0.170m
Shipping Cubic 0.000425000m3

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Happy doodle

Bought the 4 pooch control harness as our princess doesn't like all other harnesses that go over her head. This harness is perfect. Added bonus that she doesn't pull as much on it either. Size good as per measurement instructions. Great service fast delivery. Thank you Pitta Patta.

A great halti substitute

I’ve only been using this harness for a couple of weeks, but my dog finds it comfortable and best of all, it’s replacing her halti. The double ended connector allows for equal pressure at the front and back of the harness when she pulls, which helps slow her down. When she walks by my side, the double ended connector sits loosely by her side with the lead. As a dog professional, I’m seeing great results with my dogs. I also like that it’s a lightweight harness and doesn’t overheat my dog in summer.

Great harness

This is the best harness that I have purchased for my young still in training spaniel. She is an escape artist and has managed to back out of other harnesses but when this harness is adjusted correctly I doubt that she would be able to escape. The connector strap stops the harness from twisting on the body and still gives the advantage of a front connection for dogs that pull while undergoing loose leash training. The harness appears comfortable for my dog and she looks great in the purple.