Pop-Upz, with Self-Righting Technology for easy pick-up. Pops upright on land and water!Rogz Pop Upz

Designed with self-righting technology to ensure high visibility and easy pick up, making playtime an amazing game of bounce and fetch! Erratic wobble in flight and on land, stimulates both mind and muscle.


  1. Self-Righting. Easy Pick-Up : Unique counter-weight design with self-righting technology. Lands upright in flat surfaces for easy pick-up. The unique shape and counter-weight base are designed to ensure Pop-Upz land up-right on all flat surfaces. The backward and forward motion created by the shape and weight of the base enables Pop-Upz to be easily picked up on both land and water.
  2. High Visibility. Land & Water : Amphibious design allows for high visibility and easy pick-up on both land and water. Highly visible and buoyant in water. Pop-Upz is made from EVA rubber which is extremely bouyant, allowing it to bob up-right on water. The counter weight base ensures that the handle self-rights above the water surface for easy pick-up. Available in 5 bright colours, Pop-Upz is sure to stand out in any environment.

  3. Erratic Flight & Bounce : Soft in mouth and gentle on teeth. Erratic bounce and flight activates both mind and muscle! The erratic motion created by the counter weight base entices your dog’s natural hunting instincts and stimulates mind and muscle. Gentle on your dog’s teeth and gums, the EVA rubber handle is also soft in hand allowing for easy throwing.
  4. Wobble : Playful back and forward motion entices natural hunting instincts. The unique design and Self-Righting Technology promote an easy back and forth motion bringing out your dog’s natural hunting instincts. The erratic wobble is sure to entice more engagement!
  5. Bite-o-Meter – Soft : Pop-Upz is suitable for retrieval and not for tugging or chewing. It is soft on teeth and gums.

Choose from our 5 Rogzilicious colours in 2 sizes.

Rogz Pop Upz Sizes

Rogz Pop UpzTeaching your dog to play with Pop-Upz.

Start getting your dog excited by using fun language. Set the Pop-Upz in motion by giving it a nudge for engagement. Let your dog sniff and paw at the Pop-Upz. Once your dog is excited to engage, throw the toy and if they run after it, try to retrieve it before they do. Repeat this a few times to increase excitement. With the unique Self-Righting Technology, Pop-Upz erratic wobble is sure to increase excitement with its easy back and forth motion bringing out their natural hunting instincts.

There are many physical benefits to playing with your dog on both land and in water. Once you know your dog engages with Pop-Upz on land, try and drop the Pop-Upz into a bucket of water, using your hand to create motion to help stimulate engagement with the water. Once your dog shows signs of engagement while the Pop-Upz is in water, command them to fetch and bring it to you. This will indicate whether your dog is comfortable to engage with the Pop-Upz while in water. If they are retrieving the Pop-Upz from the bucket with ease, they are ready for a bigger water challenge! Try the pool or the ocean. With five bright colours and a unique amphibious design, Pop-Upz floats high in water for easy visibility and pick-up. Land or water = GAME ON!

Rogz Pop Upz Technical Data

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SKU RogzPopUpLime
Brand Rogz
Colour Lime
Shipping Weight 0.1500kg
Shipping Width 0.110m
Shipping Height 0.050m
Shipping Length 0.170m
Shipping Cubic 0.000935000m3

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