K9 Bridle happy, calm walks, stop your dog from pulling!K9 Bridel on dog

Using natural pressure points with the K9 Bridle

  • No More Pulling, stress free and happy walks
  • Total effortless control, get your puppy off to a great start!
  • Doesn't push up into the eyes or twist at the neck
  • No discomfort or chafing.
  • Back of the neck pressure point control
  • Sends signals that your dog understands
  • Can help check aggression
  • Great for Mum's with buggies the Elderly, Disabled and all who want calm dogs and happy walks!


The K9 Bridle is being used by many of the best trainers and re-homing centres throughout the Australia, UK & in the USA.

What Size do I need?

Get the correct size for ultimate control and comfort!

Measure your dog in one continuous figure of eight around the muzzle and neck, as pictured below.

K9 Bridle Measuring your dogK9 Bridle Measuring your dog



Recommended Size

Less than 60cm








Over 108cm


Can't Measure your dog right now? Find the breed in the table below for our recommended size.

Please note that sizes below are an estimated recommendation only for average dogs within the breed. 
Each dog may vary, and a measurement is recommended before size selection.

  • X-Small (Size 1) is for very small skulled dogs; whippets, JR terriers, small spaniels, etc.
  • Small (Size 2) is for larger skulled terriers, small border collies, spaniels and the like.
  • Medium (Size 3) Averaged sized Labradors, boxers, Weimaraners, etc.
  • Large (Size 4) is for Rotties, Great Danes and heavy skulled dogs with broad muzzles.
  • X-Large (Size 5) is for Mastiffs, St Bernards, etc.
Fitting the Bridle

To get the best out of your K9 Bridle it's important to fit it correctly. Follow the below step by step guide

Step 1: Open the K9 Bridle with the safety strap hanging down (with the label) and form a triangle. Fit the triangle over your dog’s head

K9 Bridle Step 1

Step 2: Form a loop at the base ring under the chin and slip it up over your dog’s nose.

K9 Bridle Step 2

Step 3: Clip the safety strap to your dog's collar. The bridle will only come off if it is far too large or hasn't been adjusted properly.

K9 Bridle Step 3

Step 4: Bring the two top rings together at the back of the dog's head to attach the lead.

K9 Bridle Step 4

Step 5: Make sure that the two base rings are wide apart, behind the dog’s ears at the base of the skull.

K9 Bridle Step 5

Step 6: Enjoy calm and happy walks!

K9 Bridle Step 6


The K9 bridle works so well because it rests at the base of the skull, activating natural pressure points.

Not half way down the neck.

K9 Bridle correct fit


What makes the K9 Bridle different?K9 bridle on dog

Do not confuse the K9 Bridle with other training halters available. Have you seen dogs wearing the head collars that pull the dog’s head around and push up into their eyes? They interfere with their mouths causing sores, and they look like muzzles. Poor dogs. The major design flaw with those problem head collars is that the point of control is from under the chin which twists the dogs head to the side and can cause severe vertebral damage. They don't even help with your dog pulling, because the dog soon learns that he can still pull ahead if he tilts his head to the side. A head collar that was controlled from under the chin would be fine if your dog was 6 feet tall!

Unlike most other training halters, the K9 Bridle works from the back of the neck, exactly where you need to have control.

The K9 Bridle works on a principal similar to a bit-less bridle for horses, so if that will stop a horse it can also stop a dog. When the lead is tightened, gentle pressure is applied to the front of the face and tells the dog “NO”. The dog easily understands this clear and precise command. The rings at the back of the head are unique to the K9 Bridle and activate the natural pressure points mother dogs use to calm their puppies. Give it ago yourself! massage your dog gently at the very base of his skull, right behind the ears. See how he relaxes and responds calmly. It's a natural instinctive communication method that no other head collar utilises!

With the K9 Bridle, your dog soon learns that when he moves forward from the 'heel' or 'close' position the bridle will apply slight pressure and remind him where he should be. 

Keeping in mind that the aim is to have calm, happy walks. While training your dog, commands given through the lead should be small tugs to apply gentle pressure as a reminder. NOT a strong pull or yank. As with all leads, if the owner or walker pulls aggressively, it will confuse and initiate panic for your dog, physiologically called the "flight or fight" response. Your dog will only begin to try pull away more, You must not get into a fight with him or make him afraid of the bridle. 
It is very much a command and instant reward scenario. You give the small command, he responds, and you instantly reward that response with a slack lead. While the dog is at "heel" the lead should always be slack and applying no contact whatever. Where as if they pull forward, they are reminded gently but firmly in a way they understand to return to the 'heel' position.

It is also important to remember that having something on his face might be a new and potentially frightening experience for your dog. Remember the 'fight or flight'? Distract his focus from the bridle with a favourite toy or treat. Only reward acceptance of the bridle, and he'll soon love the bridle!

You may also find that the K9 Bridle can help with aggressive behaviour.

Because eye contact is lowered briefly when a command is given this can defuse a confrontation with other dogs. Not to mention those pressure points keep your dog happy and relaxed.

There is also a strap under the chin attached to the collar as a safety device. Should the unthinkable happen and your dog managed to slip the bridle off their nose, you are still attached to your dog. Please note, it will only slip off if the bridle is far too large for your dog or it needs to be adjusted by the buckle on it. Go ahead and try it now! 

K9 Bridle happy, calm walks, stop your dog from pulling ...

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