Order Form

Order Form

How to measure your dog

PittaPatta Boutique prides itself on good customer service and have provided this form to allow you place an order for a product that may either be out of stock, not enough quantity or you require help with ordering something special for your dog.

Please complete as much detail below so we are able to respond quickly to your request.

For custom made coats please complete as many measurements as possible so we can arrange for the perfect coat to be made for your dog.

Not required at this stage, but helpful to speed up the order process
Describe product details, colour, size, quantity and any other requirements
Description of dog
Measure along the dog's back from the collar to the top of the tail
Measure around the front of the dog's chest to the elbows
Measure around the dog's ribs
Measure around the dog's waist near the hind legs
Measure loosely around the neck (should be able to fit couple fingers under the tape measure)
Measure from base of the neck to top of neck
Measure from one elbow over the top of the dog to the other elbow