Nina Ottosson Dog Tornado


Nina Ottosson Dog Tornado

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Nina Ottosson Dog TornadoNina Ottosson Dog Tornado Game

A clever, engaging game for you and your dog.

Dog Tornado has four layers of rotating discs. In three layers there are compartments where treats can be hidden. The dog/cat has to learn to rotate the different layers in different directions with its nose or paw in order to find the hidden goodies.

By placing the white plastic blocks in some of the compartments, the degree of difficulty increases.

You can tie a string through the holes in the blocks to make it easier for the dog/cat to lift the blocks away.

Tips… A meaty Ice Cream
Mix some meaty dog food with water, pour some of the mixture in the compartments, put the game in the freezer and let it set. This is perfect for hot days or when the dog needs some extra activity. 

Suits dogs and cats of all ages and sizes.

Difficulty Level 2 – Medium (suitable for most dogs)

Size:  24cm wide x 9.5cm high

Removable white plastic blocks: 7cm long x 5cm wide x 4cm deep

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